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Cheylin Basketball Season Begins (With COVID-19 Modifications)

Dear Cheylin School District Staff, Students, Parents, and Community Members!
Happy November!  
Now that it is November, our students, coaches, parents, and community members will be attending Cheylin School District Basketball Games in order to cheer on our teams!  Although we want our students, coaches, parents, and community members to have fun at basketball games, we also want them to be safe from the COVID-19 virus.  Therefore, our school board has approved this plan (10 items) that focus on promoting safety, yet still enjoying the basketball games for the Cheylin Schools:  
 All Cheylin Basketball Games for the 20-21 Season will be conducted this way:
1. Masks: Masks will be mandatory at all times by all people in the gym, excluding the student athletes that are on the court playing and the officials that are on the court. All fans, coaches, players on the benches, scorekeepers, announcers, clock operators, and people in concession stands will wear masks at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. 
2. Limited Concessions:
 Concession stands will be limited offerings. 
3. Tickets will be used IF our players are in Modified Quarantine: In the event we go into a modified quarantine situation at Cheylin Schools, we will continue hosting and traveling for games. If we are in a modified quarantine or the school we are playing is in a modified quarantine, we will host the game, but only allow 2 spectator tickets per player for our own team and 2 spectator tickets per player for the away team as well. If one of the spectators that has a ticket, and has children with them, they will be allowed into the gym also.   However, the children, regardless of age, will need to sit with their parents at all times. 
4. Families Sit Together:  Families will need to sit by each other in the same area or same row of bleachers. 
5. “Cool Down” Area Behind Each Team’s Bench: The area behind each team bench will be roped off so that all members of the team can socially distance and so that there will not be any other people in that area.  Athletes coming off the court will be allowed to catch their breath before having to mask up.
6. Fan Seating Areas: There will be clearly marked areas of the bleachers for our fans to sit in, as well as areas for opposing fans to sit in. That way we are not intermingling people during the games. 
7. Please find a seat Quickly at Games: There will be no standing or loitering in the gym entry way by fans, parents, or staff at any time.
8.   “The stage area” will be used as regular seating for fans:  This will allow people to socially distance themselves and their family.  This additional seating will also help make up for the roped off areas.
9. Please Immediately Leave the Gym after the Games: After the games are over, the gym will need to be cleared out, any gatherings of fans, students, parents, and any other people will not be allowed.
10. Enjoy the Basketball Season! 
Even with Covid-19, we still want the students, staff, coaches, parents, and community members to enjoy coming to the games and cheering on the Cheylin Cougars! 
In conclusion, we believe that this plan will help Cheylin School District reduce the spread of the disease, but still allow our students, coaches, parents, and community members to safely attend the games.

Go Cougars!

Contact me if you have any questions,
Dr. Brian Pekarek
Superintendent of Cheylin

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